Mar. 6th, 2009

proof that I either have the ears of a bat or like dollhouse entirely too much or all of the above.

Pyro: *sits in her room spinning in circles for a reason that even she can't remember or make sense of*
BFF's Dad: *from family room* Well, I could stop the recording on Dollhouse.
Pyro: *hears it and tries to run out of her room but is off kilter for obvious reasons and runs into The Hulk* No! *manages to find the door and makes a drunken run out to the family room, almost falling on couch in the process* Don't stop Dollhouse! I've been waiting all week for that!!!
BFF's Dad: *laughs for obvious reasons* I wasn't really going to. I was just teasing you.
Pyro: *tries to put hands on hips but is still a little dizzy and misses the first time, having to try again* You mean I ran all the way out here, while I was dizzy to stop you and you were just teasing me?
BFF: *laughs again* Yep!
Pyro: *sticks tongue out* You're a brat. Now excuse me while I got throw up. I think I spun too much.
Krysta, BFF's little sister: *calls after Pyro* I told you that you shouldn't spin in circles! It makes your tummy hurt!

And that folks, is a glimpse into the every day life of Pyro. Still think you want to come visit, Beth?



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