Dec. 13th, 2011

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Things That Make Me Feel Accomplished

I organized my pantry. Which doesn't sound like much. But you have to take into account that when I moved in here, my landlord aka the roommates mom left all the food in the cupboards for us to have. After almost two months of barely touching half of it I went on one of my weird cleaning sprees yesterday and went through all the food. Three trash bags of various expired or questionable food later , I've gotten it down to items that we may actually use. There's a whole shelf for just drink mixes. And our fridge consists mostly of milk, pop, juice and beer/wine coolers. Brit and I went shopping tonight and we've decided that we both eat like ten year olds who really really like baked potatoes.

Also, I've finished The Hunger Games Series, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Favorite book series as a kid and I found it for cheap on amazon!!!!) and am now working on a Maureen Johnson book called The Name of the Star. My love of reading is back and I'm back to my old habit of keeping a book in my purse and devouring a book a day. I'd forgotten how much I adore books. Now I just need to find someone/people to discuss books with. It doesn't help that some of my all time favorites are ones that no one has ever heard of.

Things That Make Me Fucking Ecstatic
My Grandma is cosigning on a car loan with me so I can finally get a car!!! No more walking to work in the snow. No more bumming rides home from people cause I refuse to cross the highway in the dark. No more sitting at home on my day off doing nothing!!! This is freaking exciting. I didnt' realize what a luxury having a car was until I didn't have one. This is going to make my life so much easier now. Plus, I can finally get a different job, hopefully one that pays me more an hour. I know that everyone probably says this, but I so so don't make enough an hour to compensate for all the work I do for my job.

Things That I Dread

My roommates sister keeps most of her shit here (The house I rent is roommates childhood home) and stays here on her breaks from school. It hasn't been so bad so far because she's only come home every other weekend or so and by the time I want to wring her neck, its time for her to go back to school. Starting next weekend, she is going to be here for a month straight.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that. The girl is ridiculously messy, has no regard for anyone elses belongings and is the most selfish person on the planet. When she was here for five days for her Thanksgiving break, she did her laundry the first day and dumped all her clean clothes on the couch. I figured eh, she's just gonna fold them while watching TV. No, she literally lived off the couch for two days. She would wake up, come out to the living room, pick out some clean clothes, go change in the bathroom and then leave her dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. I finally couldn't take it anymore and went through all the common areas of the house and picked up all her shit and threw it all in her room on her bed. She isn't comfortable enough around me/doesn't know me well enough yet to say anything rude in response to that, but I just know that if I have to deal with epic mess such as that for a month straight, I may go insane. She drives Brit just as insane as she does me. Even worse because they are siblings and her selfish spoiled attitude has been bugging Brit for years. Her mom gives us a great price for rent for putting up with Ashley's bullshit, but still. I don't know what I'm going to do. Cross my fingers and hope that she manages to grow up and turn into a mature and pleasant person sometime in the next week I guess.



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