Masi Oka is so much love.

Heroes Magazine:     

Can you talk about the differences between playing “our” Hiro and badass Future Hiro?

Masi Oka:

There’s definitely  a lot of challenge in it. Its actually a gift the writers gave me - to throw this Future Hiro in when we first saw him in episode four [Collision] on the Subway. When you play a character that’s so different, you need a lot of back-story and preparation. The writers gave me just enough information to know what that character needed to go through and I was just so grateful that they trusted me to give me this gift. It was definitely fun to play it though I have to say Future Hiro in episode 20 [Five Years Gone] when he went five years into the future, was  kind of a pain to work with, because he’d never show up on set….He’d say, “Here, use a blue screen instead of me.” He wouldn’t even be there for our lines-he’d record his dialogue and then have it played back. So I’ve never actually met Future Hiro in person. I’m sure he’s a nice guy,. But I don’t know- I guess after five years all that fame goes to his head. I love them both. Present Hiro’s a lot more fun for me because, you know, you get to have fun. When I’m doing Future Hiro, I’m definitely in that dark mode and I put myself in that mentality so it’s a little bit more difficult, it’s a lot more intense, but they’re both great characters.



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