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Birthdate:Sep 14
Website:Graphics Aflame
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Bio under construction. AKA I'll get around to making a proper one again when I'm not feeling so lazy.

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aaron stanford, accents, across the universe, alias, alison mack, allison mack, anne hathaway, art, best friends, billy talent, bones, books, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, canada, candles, castles, cats, chloe sullivan, christian kane, classic rock, comics, computer games, creativity, criminal minds, dane cook, dark angel, david boreanaz, dean winchester, diane kruger, disturbia, dreaming, eliot/alec, eliot/hardison, eliot/hardison/parker, eliot/parker/alec, eliza dushku, ellen page, emily deschannel, family guy, famke janssen, fantastic four, fantasy, fantasy role-playing games, firefly, friendship, fun, futurama, glomping, graphics, green day, greg grunberg, happiness, harry potter, heath ledger, heroes, hiro nakamura, history, house, house m.d., hugs, ice cream, internets, ipods, j.d., jared padalecki, jeffery dean morgan, jensen ackles, kingdom hearts, knowledge, kyle xy, laughing, learning, leverage, lex luthor, life, love, mark wahlberg, matt dallas, matt parkman, matthew grey gubler, mila kunis, movies, music, my chemical romance, nathan/allison/jack, photography, photoshop, pirates of the carribean, prison break, procrastination, psychology, reading, rock music, role-playing games, roleplaying, romance, sam winchester, sarcasm, sark, science fiction, scrubs, sean biggerstaff, serenity, shawn ashmore, shia labeouf, singing, slash, smallville, spicy brains, spiderman, stargate atlantis, stephen colbert, stuffed animals, supernatural, sylar, tea, textures, the covenant, turk, video games, wentworth miller, wine, writing, x-men, zooey deschannel
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